Arts and Crafts Fair in the Park


Another year has passed and it’s time for the annual Arts and Crafts Fair in the Park. Beautiful sunny weather, but didn’t seem to be as many people as last year (two vendors even packed up and never came back.) Maybe the grand opening of the new outlet mall the same weekend had something to do with it. Enjoyed being out all day and seeing and talking to the other vendors I had met last year. Peddled my poems, woodblock prints and notecards. No luck with the poems. The baby booties man was back and the booth (double wide) across from mine was selling handmade children’s clothes (and baby booties) – both seemed to be selling well. Now I know why the penguins in Madagascar wanted to sell baby clothing on the street corner.

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Hermit Crab Notecards


Took the original woodblock print of the hermit crab and copied them onto card stock to make sets of notecards. This time, I stamped them with a seal, again to give it a touch of red (a carry-over from my calligraphy studies). I don’t know why I bother with notecards, everybody is texting these days and not bothering to write. I like notecards (especially using them as thank you’s) and letter writing. They’re so much more personal than an impersonal email is this impersonal world. It’s like the difference reading an ebook and reading a real book. Yes, you can get a set of five at PoeticExpressions (Etsy).

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Hermit Crab Woodblock Print


Last summer vacation in Galveston, I came across small hermit crabs underfoot while wading in the ocean. Decided to carve a woodblock and make a print of it (since I didn’t get that bookstore job, so I have time on my hands). Printed it out on 90 lb. Canson watercolor paper using a brayer and black Speedball printing ink. Stamped it with my name seal to finish it with a touch of red. The kanji reads “Ogi” or common reed which is my haiku pen name (haikai). WARNING, SALES PITCH: An original print can be ordered at my Etsy shop: PoeticExpressions.

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Candlelight Books


Took last year off to write a novel. I figured the longer I waited, the less likely I would ever write one. Been busy working on the third draft of The Fiddler’s Sonata, so I’ve kinda neglected blogging. My first love is still poetry though. Jotted down some lines for two poems and plan to sit down soon and work on them.

Speaking of poetry, my poem, “The Mad Fiddler of Glencolumbskille” was published in the fall issue of Fiddler Magazine, published and edited by Mary Larsen.

When I’m not working on the revisions (a rather dreary business), I’ve been reading a lot of fiction and writing book reviews in the hopes of earning a little filthy lucre. So far, I’ve written a handful and decided to post them on another blog, Candlelight Books. Have to get around to setting up a photo shoot for a new banner. Meanwhile, I’m using a photo I took for one of my photo poems.

Now that my meager savings are dwindling and the rent is still due every month (life, death, taxes, and rent), I applied online for a job at a bookstore down the road from where I’m living.  Stopped by Sunday and talked briefly with the manager to introduce myself.  Got the feeling he wasn’t that interested.  Anyway, it’s been of dream of mine to work at a bookstore. I prefer a cozy, used one, but the one I like is closing down at the end of this month. In the meantime, I plan to get around to starting up my own online bookshop with the same title as the book review blog, Candlelight Books.

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Hummingbird Woodblock Print

Hummingbird Woodblock Print

Hummingbird Woodblock Print

Several weeks ago, I put up a hummingbird feeder out on the patio. The next day, a hummingbird showed up to feed. Now there are two hummingbirds who come around several times a day. They make a little pipping noise which alerts me to their presence. Made a woodblock print and printed out original prints. You can order a double-matted original print at PoeticExpressions.

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Percy Bysshe Shelley in the Modern World

Beachcomber logo (

Beachcomber logo (

Check out the humorous, imaginary conversation between Percy Bysshe Shelley and a girl he meets in the park compliments of The Express’s Beachcomber column (love the woodblock image). Column link here.

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Christmas in July Arts and Crafts Fair


Just finished another arts and crafts fair this weekend. For whatever reasons, not that many people came, but it sure was nice sitting in an air-conditioned building all day. Sold mostly notecard sets. Only a few people took the time to stop and read the poems.

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