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Took last year off to write a novel. I figured the longer I waited, the less likely I would ever write one. Been busy working on the third draft of The Fiddler’s Sonata, so I’ve kinda neglected blogging. My first love is still poetry though. Jotted down some lines for two poems and plan to sit down soon and work on them.

Speaking of poetry, my poem, “The Mad Fiddler of Glencolumbskille” was published in the fall issue of Fiddler Magazine, published and edited by Mary Larsen.

When I’m not working on the revisions (a rather dreary business), I’ve been reading a lot of fiction and writing book reviews in the hopes of earning a little filthy lucre. So far, I’ve written a handful and decided to post them on another blog, Candlelight Books. Have to get around to setting up a photo shoot for a new banner. Meanwhile, I’m using a photo I took for one of my photo poems.

Now that my meager savings are dwindling and the rent is still due every month (life, death, taxes, and rent), I applied online for a job at a bookstore down the road from where I’m living.  Stopped by Sunday and talked briefly with the manager to introduce myself.  Got the feeling he wasn’t that interested.  Anyway, it’s been of dream of mine to work at a bookstore. I prefer a cozy, used one, but the one I like is closing down at the end of this month. In the meantime, I plan to get around to starting up my own online bookshop with the same title as the book review blog, Candlelight Books.

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Hummingbird Woodblock Print

Hummingbird Woodblock Print

Hummingbird Woodblock Print

Several weeks ago, I put up a hummingbird feeder out on the patio. The next day, a hummingbird showed up to feed. Now there are two hummingbirds who come around several times a day. They make a little pipping noise which alerts me to their presence. Made a woodblock print and printed out original prints. You can order a double-matted original print at PoeticExpressions.

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Percy Bysshe Shelley in the Modern World

Beachcomber logo (

Beachcomber logo (

Check out the humorous, imaginary conversation between Percy Bysshe Shelley and a girl he meets in the park compliments of The Express’s Beachcomber column (love the woodblock image). Column link here.

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Christmas in July Arts and Crafts Fair


Just finished another arts and crafts fair this weekend. For whatever reasons, not that many people came, but it sure was nice sitting in an air-conditioned building all day. Sold mostly notecard sets. Only a few people took the time to stop and read the poems.

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Rooster Woodblock Notecards

Multicolor Rooster Notecards

Reproduced the rooster woodblock print on color card stock (red, yellow, blue, neon green, forest green). Lined up for the photo, they kinda-sorta have a Andy Warhol effect? A set of notecards can be ordered at my not-so Etsy-successful shop.

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Rooster Woodblock Print

"Rooster" Woodblock Print

Finished cutting a woodblock of a rooster last week and printed it out on ten sheets of Canson 140 lb. watercolor paper using black Speedball block printing ink and a brayer. An original print (signed and numbered) can be ordered from PoeticExpressions on Etsy.

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“Hedgie the Hedgehog”™ Notecards

Hedgie the Hedgehog™

Hedgie the Hedgehog™

Yesterday, I made notecards from the woodblock I cut of a hedgehog. Couldn’t resist giving it a name, so I came up with Hedgie the Hedgehog™ (Hedgie being short for Hedginald). Why stop at naming, so I came up with the phrase: “Livin’ life each day the hedgehog way!© And yes, a set of Hedgie’s notecards can be yours from my Etsy shop, PoeticExpressions.

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