The Good Life

By PoeticMeditations

A pile of bills to pay every month along with the rent
Long gone the weekly paycheck – in the bank left not a cent
An unhappy wife that nags from sunrise to sundown
Each day I’m not so sure how long she’ll be sticking around.

If I’d win the lottery, all my problems would be solved
I’d buy whatever I wanted – no more worries at all
If only I landed that high-paying dream job so sweet
And married that dream girl – I’d be living on Easy Street.

But deep down inside, I know this life I’ve been given
With all its soul-wearying hardships is really true livin’
The rich man with his millions must be bored out of his skull
Drinking champagne every day, like everything else, becomes dull.

So with this life I’ve been born with, I’ll learn to be content
With my wife by my side and strugglin’ each month to pay the rent.

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By PoeticMeditations

The scent lingering behind on the sheets still warm
Still sleepy visage beneath bed- tousled hair
Weight of a body upon my body borne
The silky, white smoothness of a shoulder bare

Pressed against mine, a pair of soft, searching lips
Gliding down with a whisper, delicate lace
The trace of soft skin beneath my fingertips
Perfumed hair cascading down around my face

The consuming passion, the blinding release
The empty, hollow feeling; the blissful peace.

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To Lose You Would Be to Lose the World

By PoeticMeditation

To lose you would be to lose the world
For you alone are all I desire
A priceless, irreplaceable pearl
All would be lost in an all-consuming fire.
My heart would shatter beyond repair
Never again to be completely whole
Never to gaze on your face so fair
Or imbibe the honeyed sweetness of your lips.
Or feel your body’s warmth next to mine
Trace your softness beneath my fingertips
Breathe your body’s sweet fragrance so sublime
To lose you would be to lose the world
For you alone are all I desire
A priceless, irreplaceable pearl.

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The Season of Love

By PoeticMeditations

The lovers’ world is full of flowers
That scent the air with fragrant sweetness
Tender kisses fill the passing hours
Every moment spent in earthly bliss.

Their hearts full of breathless love and joy
Brows untouched by worldly cares
Their glances furtive, demure, and coy
Neglectful of their worldly affairs.

But soon the flowers shall drop each bloom
The birds shall flee to a warmer clime
The bright sky grow silent like a tomb
The grapes harvested to make the wine.

The once-bright days have grown dull and gray
The fields lie quiet in autumn rest
Winter soon will come in full array
Gone the lovers and their world so blest.

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The Answer to the Unknowable Why

By PoeticMeditations

The weight of your absence lies heavily
Upon this heart filled with bitter sorrow
Each passing hour a burden to endure
Unbroken, stretching beyond tomorrow

Upon the mind and soul it presses down
A crushing pressure beyond relief
Unrelenting pain that must now be borne
An oppressive stone, a smothering grief

Despair and silence, my twin companions
Forever severed by our last goodbye
Life now reduced to a single focus:
The answer to the unknowable why.

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A Shepherd’s Lament

By PoeticMeditations

My love no longer shall pass this way
Before the sun has arisen high
Music once had sounded in my heart
When upon her face my eyes did gaze

With flowing tresses and lips so sweet
Her beauty renowned throughout the vale
A kiss in exchange for wildflowers
But Fate deemed we shall no longer meet

My heart now empty lies like a stone
For on this day to another wed
As the church bells in the village sound
The wind through the pines now blows forlorn


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The Patina of Age

By PoeticMeditations

The bloom oh-so slightly begins to droop
Leaves around the edges begin to curl
Faint lines appear where none had been before
The luster slowly fading from the pearl.

The hair grows thinner and the color fades
Clear eyes around their edges begin to cloud
The spine, once strong and straight, is slightly bent
Upon the mind descends a fog-like shroud.

Lke wood weathered by each passing season,
Life weathers with all its cares and sorrows
Before gray winter blows its hoary breath
And all lies silent beneath its heavy snows.

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