I Have Seen the Wind

By PoeticMeditations

Waves fields in adulation,
Sways the branches to and fro,
Sets leaves swirling in motion,
Like white chalk dust, blows the snow.

Across the pond, ripples run;
Rolls the mighty ocean waves;
Scurries clouds across the sun;
Whistles through the mountain caves.

Bestows kisses on the cheek,
Bobs the daisies’ head in time,
Sometimes cold, yet often meek,
Its gentle touch quite sublime.

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The Dailiness of Life

By PoeticMeditations

Dishes we have to wash each day,
The monthly bills we need to pay,
Waking up and going to sleep,
The hours at work we have to keep,
The long drive there, the long drive home;
Our conversations on the phone;
Friends and family we keep in touch;
Household chores that we dread so much;
The list of things that must be done;
Just kicking back and having fun.

It is the mundane things like morning toast;
The dailiness of life we’ll miss the most.

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Thy Lips a Sweet Aeolian Harp

By PoeticMeditations

Thy lips a sweet Aeolian harp
That sounds when gently kissed by love.
Thy gaze twin jewels sparkling sharp
That pierces deep from high above.
Thy breasts twin orbs of endless pleasure,
Melodious voice that enchants the soul.
Adorns thy form, grace without measure.
Perfection divine, complete and whole.
Sweet-scented hair and soft of limb.
This love more precious than any pearl.
Hand in hand, together we shall climb
To lofty heights high above this world.

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Call of Orpheus

By PoeticMeditations

Not with dulcet lyre, but with words,
From this crude, vulgar world of vice,
True words that pierce the heart like swords,
Call us back like Eurydice,
Awaken the soul from slumber,
Open the dreaming eyes shut tight,
Release the chains that encumber,
Lift the spirit to greater height.
Will, with hand outstretched, fade away –
Turn back to darkness, woe, and strife
Or cross the threshold into day,
Back to the vibrant realm of life?

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Star-Bucked Lovers

By PoeticMeditations

We’re nothing more than a pair of Star-bucked lovers.
Post love on the Tube like others do their covers.
On bright, sunny days and in inclement weather.
Against the backdrop of wood, shiny brass, and leather,
But you’re no Romeo and I’m no Juliet,
And like any addictive substance, you can bet
We have to book our love along with our faces,
Insta-glam our fights in all their hilarity,
So twitter-brains can judge our popularity.
As in all things, the novelty will quickly fade,
Leaving behind the tab forever left unpaid.

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A Tiny Seed Planted in the Earth

By PoeticMeditations

A tiny seed planted in the earth
May sprout, take root, began to grow
And from such lowly, humble birth,
Seeks the sun’s life-giving glow.

Through no toil or needless pain
Becomes a sapling in the breeze;
Its thirst quenched by heaven’s rain
With branches sprouting verdant leaves.

Day by day, the roots sink down,
Seeking nourishment from the soil.
The top becomes a skyward crown,
Standing proud, majestic and royal.

Each year, one ring added to its girth.
Branches laden with fruit bow low
Whose tiny seeds will fall to earth,
May sprout, take root, begin to grow.

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Before the Candle has Burned Down

Before the Candle has Burned Down
By PoeticMeditations

Before the candle has burned down,
Before the ink has yet to dry,
Before the ticking clock unwound,
Before the breath no love yet sigh.

Soft remains the lips; eyes still fresh,
The crown with gray has yet been laced,
Limbs still supple as well the flesh,
No wrinkles on the brow been traced.

The heart remains yet unbroken,
Too soon the sands of Time are gone,
Promises of love remain unspoken,
Left behind this unfinished song.

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