Beware of Foxes

Beware of foxes
Dressed in their Sunday finest –
Deceitful tricksters

(By PoeticMeditations)

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La Belle et La Bete

By PoeticMeditations

Hidden deep beneath this bestial facade,
Can you see past this monstrosity
And catch a glimpse of nobility;
A kindred spirit which pride has forbade?

Cursed forever for haughty arrogance,
Chastised by affliction’s painful cruelties,
Humbled by all my iniquities,
Is redemption possible in a dance?

Time measured by the petals of a rose.
Can love be found in this world so cruel,
Hidden deep within, a priceless jewel,
Before hope is lost with the coming snows?

Lack of charm and grace – such a meager feast.
Could love’s virtue to this soul impart
And soothe and tame this wild, savage heart.
Can beauty find a way to love this beast?

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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

By PoeticMeditations

Laboring ceaselessly in some lonely garret,
Attempting to bring to life things of great merit,
Conjuring up images from out of thin air
That convey beauty, truth, and love; pain and despair.

Late into each night, nothing but toil and trouble,
Constructing palaces from out of the rubble.
Over a seething cauldron, stirring up potions,
Distilling the essence of human emotions.

Failing night after night, and yet, still keep trying,
Words, like fish on the shore, on the page lay dying.
But in rare moments, success is sometimes achieved.
Magically, words coalesce – a poem is conceived.

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Now the Dormant Trees Awaken from Their Winter Slumber

By PoeticMeditations

Now the dormant trees awaken from their winter slumber,
Stretch their branches upwards towards the radiant sun.
From deep roots rise the nurturing sap now unencumbered;
Emerge the tender buds – the resurrection has begun.

Bathed in the luxuriant rays of summer’s radiance,
Each vibrant leaf now bursts forth in growing exuberance,
Spread their regal canopy in emerald brilliance
To dance in the soft wind’s breath as it bobs each laden branch.

All too soon the days will shorten; the sky turn ashen gray.
Drop one by one the blushing leaves of autumn’s gentle kiss.
After the harvest bounty, the quiet land will fallow lay,
As each tree falls asleep to dream again of summer’s bliss.


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The Inadequacy of Words

By PoeticMeditatons

Inert symbols laying on the page,
Vessels containing so little wealth,
A thousand for a single image;
Simulacrum of the thing itself.

“Bread” alone an empty stomach does not fill,
Neither can words make you smell the scent of rain,
Nor taste an apple or feel the winter chill;
An apt description is simply not the same.

To transform words into living flesh,
Bursting with life and not mere meaning,
Taste the sweet kiss, feel the soft caress;
The word itself has become the thing.

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The Winter of Our Discontent

By PoeticMeditations

Winter’s death has come, laid bare the trees,
Withered the grass, fallen all the leaves.
Gone the blazing days of summer’s glory,
Gone the fruitful days of autumn’s bounty.

Amidst great boasting, scorn and derision,
Failed this great land’s law – a tyrant has arisen.
Against our nation’s pillage and devastations
That have brought to ruin ancient nations,
The lies and tyranny have begun,
Across the land, unite our voices into one.

These are the days that will test our mettle,
Separate the dross within this seething kettle.
When the bitter cold night is at its darkest,
A candle’s tiny flame burns the brightest.


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Divine Perfection

By PoeticMeditation

A billion stars blazing high above,
Ringed Saturn, Noble Mars, and Majestic Jove
Between vast distances of time and space;
An eternal sea engulfing the finite human race
That scurries about this Earth like ants
Bowing down to Mammon, his supplicants,
Mired in this world of death and destruction.
Hark! Look up to the heavens. Behold divine perfection.

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