“Last Day Here on Earth”

By PoeticMeditations

If this was the last day here on earth for me,
I would rise at the usual hour,
Have a cup of coffee and some toast,
Shower, get dressed, floss and brush my teeth,
Drive to work with the radio on,
Work while dreaming of a better life,
Lunch at my desk from a brown paper bag,
Back to work with one eye on the clock,
Drive back home with the radio on,
Glass of wine and dinner from a box,
TV broadcasting the evening news,
Brush my teeth, change into pajamas,
Turn off the lights and lay down in bed
Unawares I would never wake again
Like all the other unsuspecting
Do on their very last day here on earth.

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“The Muse”

Image: commonswikipedia.org

Image: commonswikipedia.org

By PoeticMeditation

Seek and you will not find.
Knock and the door will not open.
Ask and it will not be given to you.

Unsought for, you may find.
Unbidden, the door may open.
Unasked for, it may be given to you.

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“This Brush That Once You Held”

Image: Pixshark.com

Image: Pixshark.com

By PoeticMeditation

This brush that once you held,
No longer shall you hold again,
Smoothing your curls into satin tresses,
For from existence now forever gone,
Mere shadow of your presence left behind.
This brush that now remains behind, I hold so dear,
For in this hand I hold
That which your living hand once held.

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“An Old Friend”

Photo: PoeticMeditation

Photo: PoeticMeditation

BY PoeticMeditation

When Death finally comes, I will embrace him –
Greet him with open arms like an old friend,
And on his cheek, bestow a tender kiss.
Hand in hand, together we will begin
Our journey into that great mystery
That lies beyond this gauzy veil of life.
For Death was present from the beginning –
At the very moment when I was born.

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“The Locket”

Photo: PoeticMeditation

Photo: PoeticMeditation

By PoeticMeditations
Traced with the craftsman’s delicate finesse,
The tiny bivalve, tarnished by the hand of time,
Opens with a delicate click to reveal
The priceless treasures locked away within:
Twin memories of once upon a time, so long ago.

Conjured the palpable presence of an unseen hand
Brushing lightly like a whisper against the nape
As the thin-twined chain from behind is fastened
Suspending love’s memento from around the neck
Above the softly beating heart against the living flesh.
(©2015. All rights reserved)

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“Sunday in the Park”

Seurat's "La Grande Jatte" image: en.wikipedia.org

Seurat’s “La Grande Jatte” image: en.wikipedia.org

This is what I like to call a “snapshot poem” – like a snapshot or an artist’s sketch used to capture the moment, but using words instead.

By Poetic Meditation

Lovers, uninhibited, stop to kiss;
Man’s best friend frolicking with a frisbee;
Pliant, green grass and bushy-tailed squirrels;
Oaks towering into the cloudless sky;
Sparrows singing with gusto overhead;
Picnic tables crowded with families large;
Blankets sprinkled with reclining couples;
Cars packed with church-goers go whizzing past.
Time hangs suspended in this oasis –
Paradise on this Sunday in the park.

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“An Artist’s Wish”



By PoeticExpressions

Oh, to paint the joyous beauty of this world
In all its brilliant hues and subtle tones –
From the tiniest, most delicate flower
To the loftiest, most majestic mountain.
Capture the dawn’s grandeur and evening’s glory;
The ultramarine of the deep, placid sea;
The lush, crimson velvet of rose petals and lips;
The rich indigo of a cold winter night;
The flaxen yellow of sun-ripened wheat fields;
The cobalt blue of a cloudless summer sky;
The luxuriant green of moss and forests;
The pristine white of glittering, moon-lit snow;
The cadmium yellow of the blazing sun –
To capture this beauty and share it with the world.

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