A Shepherd’s Lament

By PoeticMeditations

My love no longer shall pass this way
Before the sun has arisen high
Music once had sounded in my heart
When upon her face my eyes did gaze

With flowing tresses and lips so sweet
Her beauty renowned throughout the vale
A kiss in exchange for wildflowers
But Fate deemed we shall no longer meet

My heart now empty lies like a stone
For on this day to another wed
As the church bells in the village sound
The wind through the pines now blows forlorn


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The Patina of Age

By PoeticMeditations

The bloom on-so slightly begins to droop
Leaves around the edges begin to curl
Faint lines appear where none had been before
The luster slowly fading from the pearl.

The hair grows thinner and the color fades
Clear eyes around their edges begin to cloud
The spine, once strong and straight, is slightly bent
Upon the mind descends a fog-like shroud.

Lke wood weathered by each passing season,
Life weathers with all its cares and sorrows
Before gray winter blows its hoary breath
And all lies silent beneath its heavy snows.

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A Shepherd’s Hut

By PoeticMeditation

To spend all my days in a shepherd’s hut
Hidden away deep in a wooded glen
By day, roaming through the forests and fields
By firelight, composing poems with my pen

A jug of water and a loaf of bread
An apple picked fresh for a noon repast
My only companions a book of verse
And the stars above in the heavens vast

Greeting each new day as the dawn awakes
Wooing a dew-fresh maid with violets wild
And sweet words of love whispered from the heart
Who skips away with a laugh and coy smile

Learning all the secrets nature reveals
Gathering words like the bee its pollen
To spend all my days in a shepherd’s hut
Hidden away deep in a wooded glen

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The Answer So Sublime

By PoeticMeditation

The candle burns down to a stub
A few pale stars remain behind
Night fades away into the dawn
Revealed the answer so sublime.

The withered bloom drops from the vine
Weary branches shed all their leaves
The Sun grows wan with winter’s gray
Soon gathered in the harvest sheaves.

The ticking clock winds slowly down
The seconds stretching into hours
Until Time ceases to exist
And sleep is found in Death’s dark bow’r.

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By PoeticMeditation

In the waning, early morning hours
As my true love lies asleep abed
I sit beside the open window
Thoughts spinning out like a spider’s web.

She lies there in such peaceful innocence
Soft bosom gently rising with each breath
Long-lashed eyes closed in sweet repose
In the realm of dreams between life and death.

For so many years I have been adrift
Searching longingly for I knew not what
Until I stumbled upon it as if by chance
Wond’ring how I could be so fortunate.

Outside, the fading moon hangs low
All the brightly burning stars have dimmed
Now the world to a new day will awake
And to its demands I must soon attend.

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By PoeticMeditations

And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to govern the night. He made the stars also.” Genesis 1:18 KJB

When bids the waning day adieu
And night descends, each star appears
Glimmering pinpricks from afar
Sing with the music of the spheres.

Across the frigid, empty void
Starlight vast distances traversing
Silently appearing in the curtained sky
Amidst celestial hosts conversing.

Majestically, Queen Phoebe mounts her throne
Around her which all the stars array
To rule the night realm’s pageantry
Until the Sun appears to rule the day.

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A Poet’ Lament

By PoeticMeditations

Alas, few ears attentive to this song
That I have labored so long upon.

Not for any fortune or for fame
Or try to establish a good name.

But for kindred souls to take delight
Whispers intimate like candlelight.

With each missive, emotions impart
Conveying their essence from heart to heart.

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