By PoeticMeditation

In the waning, early morning hours
As my true love lies asleep abed
I sit beside the open window
Thoughts spinning out like a spider’s web.

She lies there in such peaceful innocence
Soft bosom gently rising with each breath
Long-lashed eyes closed in sweet repose
In the realm of dreams between life and death.

For so many years I have been adrift
Searching longingly for I knew not what
Until I stumbled upon it as if by chance
Wond’ring how I could be so fortunate.

Outside, the fading moon hangs low
All the brightly burning stars have dimmed
Now the world to a new day will awake
And to its demands I must soon attend.

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By PoeticMeditations

And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to govern the night. He made the stars also.” Genesis 1:18 KJB

When bids the waning day adieu
And night descends, each star appears
Glimmering pinpricks from afar
Sing with the music of the spheres.

Across the frigid, empty void
Starlight vast distances traversing
Silently appearing in the curtained sky
Amidst celestial hosts conversing.

Majestically, Queen Phoebe mounts her throne
Around her which all the stars array
To rule the night realm’s pageantry
Until the Sun appears to rule the day.

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A Poet’ Lament

By PoeticMeditations

Alas, few ears attentive to this song
That I have labored so long upon.

Not for any fortune or for fame
Or try to establish a good name.

But for kindred souls to take delight
Whispers intimate like candlelight.

With each missive, emotions impart
Conveying their essence from heart to heart.

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The Alchemist

By PoeticMeditations

Amidst ancient, dusty tomes that serve as guides
I measure by weighted scale by candlelight
And grind  to powder elements of the earth
In a dark, damp basement hidden out of sight.

The fiery kiln casts shadows across the wall
As from the long distilling flask flows drop by drop
In hope the pure essence of all eternity
Watching like a shepherd over his small flock.

A faith firm in science and metaphysics
Undaunted, keeps me committed to the end
To this uncompromising task I have vowed:
To change into gold these worthless words of lead.

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Love This Day While the Rose in Her Bloom

By PoeticMeditations

Love this day while the rose is in her bloom
While beauty’s fullness is now in season
Rush madly into her awaiting arms
Cast aside logic and cautious reason.

All too soon Time’s indiscriminate touch
Will cause the fragrant bloom to wilt and fade
The supple stem, so straight, to humbly bend
Before each petal on the ground is laid.

Upon the brow, cares will etch deep their furrows
Luxuriant tresses will thin and gray
Soon will twilight come and dark night descend
Love now while beauty is in her full array.

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The Sirens’ Song

(The Call of Poetry)
By PoeticMeditations

Like brave Odysseus, I too desire
To hear the Sirens’ seductive song
While tightly lashed to the rolling mast
As others labor all day long.

With these twin shells of clay I listen
To ethereal sounds that tempt the heart
To leave this world of cares behind
And from it willingly depart.

In vain I struggle against these cords
That securely bind me to this pole
Though my body’s held a captive chained
Set free to soar my unbound soul.

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The Oak Tree and the Swing

A Sad Song of a Young Lass Dying Young
By PoeticMeditations

The sturdy oak proudly stands
Its long, stout limbs spreading wide
With regal bearing it commands
Shady shelter to all provides.

One spring day, an unexpected weight
From its lowest bough swings to and fro
A young lass around the tender age of eight
Her unfurrowed brow untouched by woe.

All summer long, to its delight
She comes each day to swing
Making music clear and bright
In a sweet voice that loves to sing.

One day, the girl does not appear
Through  her window sees her lying abed
Her mother’s face full of fear
Her father’s heart full of dread.

One day when autumn’s chill
Blows through its thinning crown
On the leaf-strewn ground all lies still
The empty swing is taken down.

Like some lonely yew in a churchyard
Each year it shed its leaves in grief
Over the silent grave it now stands guard
Where lies the lass whose life was brief.

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