Audio CD: “The Poet’s Corner and Other Poems”

“The Poet’s Corner and Other Poems” CD

In keeping with my personal belief that a poem should be read aloud or at least seen instead of hidden in the pages of a notebook or tucked away between the covers of a book sitting on a dusty bookshelf, and in the spirit of Gary Glazner’s chapter, “Marketing Poetry:  Breaking Out of the Poetry Ghetto” in his book, How to Make a Living as a PoetHow To Make A Living As A Poet, I spent the past few days finishing producing my own audio CD,  “The Poet’s Corner and Other Poems,” where I read and recorded 18 of my poems (between the sounds of passing traffic, chirping birds, and barking dogs) up in my attic room where I write.  There was no way I could afford recording time in a studio or pay for the services of a design agency to come up with the cover art, so I used whatever available equipment I had on hand or could afford:  a Sony IC recorder, an Aiwa clip mike, and my laptop.  Then using my trusty jack-of-all-trades Canon printer, I printed the jewel box cover and an image on the CD itself.  The photo on the cover is one I took and used as the background illustration for my sonnet, “The Poet’s Corner.”  The only major dissatisfaction is the slight background hiss on the IC recorder. Even though it’s digital, it produces a hiss like an analog tape recorder .

To me, a poem is given life when it’s read aloud just as a musical score is brought to life when it’s performed.  Now these 18 poems, having taken on a new life in the form of an audio CD, have that chance to be heard.

I stop to rest beneath theses leaf-laden
Boughs beside this quietly flowing stream.
Finding sanctuary in this haven,
I idly sit to ponder, muse and dream
Or softly speak a poet’s hymn or two,
With the warm sun gently cascading down
Through the dancing leaves and shimmering hue,
Joyous birdsong twittering all around.
At times I hear on the whispering wind
The Muse’s voice murmuring soft and sweet.
Inspired, I inscribe her melodies with my pen
In a notebook from which whose white sheaves I reap
Sun-ripened words to last the winter long
That slowly distill into summer’s song.

(© Poeticmeditations 2010. All rights reserved.)


A copy of the photo poem, The Poet’s Corner or the CD, The Poet’s Corner and Other Poems  (total running time: 15:50) can be ordered at PoeticExpressions.


About poeticmeditations

A 19th-century romantic poet living in the 21st-century. The Romantic poets, nib pens, candlelight, waistcoats, and pocket watches are a few of my favorite things.
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