On my way home, I came across this small copper (Lycaena phlaeas), resting on the ground and happened to have my camera with me.  This was as close as I dared to get.  After I snapped four pictures, it suddenly took off and fluttered away.

I enjoy painting butterflies, and the perfect medium to render them in is watercolor.  Oil, acrylic, gauche–I find too heavy, but watercolor is just right to capture their delicate coloring and patterns.  The simplicity and purity of the medium (color + water) I also find appealing.  A few examples of my butterfly watercolors can be viewed at KoyoDesigns.

The next morning, I sat down to begin a poem about butterflies. By the end of the week, I had a page of heavy and ponderous lines. As I looked over it trying to find and shape a poem from the formless mass of lines, it occurred to me that just as watercolor is the perfect artistic medium to paint butterflies, the perfect poetic medium to capture the light, delicate and subtle beauty of the butterfly is the haiku.

A living canvas
brushed by the Master Painter
tumbling on the breeze
(© 2010 Poeticmeditations. All rights reserved)

About poeticmeditations

A 19th-century romantic poet living in the 21st-century. The Romantic poets, nib pens, candlelight, waistcoats, and pocket watches are a few of my favorite things.
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