“The Weaver” (Original Poem)

Kromski Harp Loom

Kromski Harp Loom

After reading about William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement, I became interested in weaving. Morris found a ancient French text on tapestry weaving, set up a loom in his bedroom and proceeded to teach himself to weave tapestries (“the noblest of the weaving arts”). My Kromski harp loom (made in Poland) arrived a few months ago, and I too have begun the journey of learning how to weave.

(The Poet as Craftsman Series)

“The web of our life is a mingled yarn, good and ill together.” Shakespeare, All’s Well That Ends Well

By experienced hand and eye, the yarn is judged
Then carefully warped upon the board.
Through the slots each strand is threaded;
Rolled inch by inch upon the beam.
Each end then threaded through each eye,
Grouped together and tied in place.
Back then forth, up then down,
The shuttle gliding beneath the shed –
The rhythm of the weaver.
From the loom a pattern emerges slowly
That when complete forms a grand design.

(© Poetic Meditations. All Rights Reserved.)


About poeticmeditations

A 19th-century romantic poet living in the 21st-century. The Romantic poets, nib pens, candlelight, waistcoats, and pocket watches are a few of my favorite things.
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