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The Religion of Nature

THE RELIGION OF NATURE I’d rather hear the songs of woodland birds Than dusty hymns sung in a church of stone. I’d rather listen to a babbling brook Than to the pious homilies of a priest. I’d rather commune with … Continue reading

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“The Sonnets of Michelangelo” translated by Elizabeth Jennings

Not only did Michelangelo sculpt the statue of David and and paint the Sistine Chapel, but he also wrote some amazing sonnets! Facile in artistic form, he was also facile in poetic form. In doing the translation, Elizabeth Jennings said … Continue reading

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A Grasshopper, a Cricket and John Keats

Finished two more woodblock prints, this time of a grasshopper and a cricket. A set of notecards can be ordered here. As we transition into autumn, here’s John Keats’s meditative and ever-so lovely sonnet, On the Grasshopper and Cricket: ON … Continue reading

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Lord Byron

Took the woodblock image of Byron I originally made for postcards and reproduced it on card stock and added a hand-stamped background to make this blank notecard. A set of five can be ordered here. I HAVE NOT LOVED THE … Continue reading

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Brimstone-Wing Butterfly

Finally got around to finishing this watercolor of a brimstone-wing butterfly (click image to enlarge.) To order a set of notecards, go here.

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“The Good Life” Watercolor

Previously, I had done a woodblock print from a photo I took of a still life. Thought I’d use the same still life, but this time, do a watercolor of it. A set of notecards can be ordered here.

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Pagoda Starling

Checked out from the public library The Dictionary of Birds in Color by Bruce Campbell and was struck by the variety of colorful plumage. Inspired, I took out my set of watercolors and painted this image of a pagoda starling … Continue reading

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