“An Artist’s Prayer”

"Praying Hands" by Albrecht Durer

“Praying Hands” by Albrecht Durer

By Poetic Meditations

I want to paint the wind, the song of birds,
The blazing glory of the Sun,
The luminous beauty of the Moon,
The hues of happiness and joy,
The shapes of sorrow and despair.

With what little strength and skill I now possess,
Let me strive to capture the beauty of this world
Untainted by the soiled hand of man
And release the chain-bound, blinded soul
To soar high above in realms of pure delight.


About poeticmeditations

A 19th-century romantic poet living in the 21st-century. The Romantic poets, nib pens, candlelight, waistcoats, and pocket watches are a few of my favorite things.
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