“Written on the Wind” (poem)

"Clouds" (photo: PoeticMeditations)

“Clouds” (photo: PoeticMeditations)

By PoeticMeditations

Written on the wind, small gifts to the world,
Not valuable like gold, silver or pearls.
Crafted with care; flowing from the heart
According to the laws of poetic art.
Pretty baubles for this world of woe,
Wisps of lyric beauty to feed the soul.
Received with joy or cold indifference,
Freely without cost – not a single pence.
To the giver, a serious matter
For the heart is presented on a platter.
Success, wealth or glory never the aim.
Poetry has nothing to do with fame.
A poet simply has no other choice.
But to sing of beauty with the heart’s voice.


About poeticmeditations

A 19th-century romantic poet trying to get by in the 21st-century.
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