“Selfie” by guest poet, Struggling Poet Formerly Known As Starving Poet

(Image: pbs.twicsy.com)

(Image: pbs.twicsy.com)

Poetic Meditation has again graciously allowed me to guest post my latest poem, “Selfie,” after only begging – I mean – asking three times. Since I’m not actually starving (yet), I’ve decided to change my nom de plume (French is so classy, n’est-ce pas?) to Struggling Poet Formerly Known As Starving Poet or SPFKASP.

By Struggling Poet Formerly Known As Starving Poet)

Celeb and non-celeb selfies are all the current rage.
The more revealing, the better to make the front page.

Titillation is one way to play the attention game,
Anything to win the no-prize of three-minute fame.

Facebook and Twitter are our two main preoccupations,
Busy inventing ourselves out of metafiction.

I tweeted my hot prom dress. Rihanna do you like it?
Never imagined it would cause my being disrespected

“All is vanity!” the prophet shouted ’til he was hoarse.
But I must be popular ‘cuz my money is crowdsourced.

We’re all addicted to that narcotic: narcissism,
Not thinking about the cost of our imbecilism.

We’ve turned into a bunch of actors and pornographers;
A nation of exhibitionists and flagrant voyeurs.

About poeticmeditations

The Romantic poets, nib pens, candlelight, waistcoats, and pocket watches are a few of my favorite things.
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