“Sunday in the Park”

Seurat's "La Grande Jatte" image: en.wikipedia.org

Seurat’s “La Grande Jatte” image: en.wikipedia.org

This is what I like to call a “snapshot poem” – like a snapshot or an artist’s sketch used to capture the moment, but using words instead.

By Poetic Meditation

Lovers, uninhibited, stop to kiss;
Man’s best friend frolicking with a frisbee;
Pliant, green grass and bushy-tailed squirrels;
Oaks towering into the cloudless sky;
Sparrows singing with gusto overhead;
Picnic tables crowded with families large;
Blankets sprinkled with reclining couples;
Cars packed with church-goers go whizzing past.
Time hangs suspended in this oasis –
Paradise on this Sunday in the park.


About poeticmeditations

A 19th-century romantic poet living in the 21st-century. The Romantic poets, nib pens, candlelight, waistcoats, and pocket watches are a few of my favorite things.
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2 Responses to “Sunday in the Park”

  1. Such a vibrantly colorful and warming interpretation of the Seurat painting! Also, I’m drawn to your poem/prose, as it takes me pictorially in my mind to a likely better, warmer climate, full of greenery and warmth! We are all under a big blanket of snow here in the Northeast; I’m hoping that’s not the case for you. Enjoying following your blog very much, Poetic!

    • Thank you, Artdoesmatter, for your comment. I missed the snowy weather (for now), but doesn’t it seem to transform the everyday into something magical? If not magical, at least extraordinary against the usual/ordinary? “A Midwinter Night’s Dream.” Title for a new poem! Have to start working on it now (and a poem about lockets). Best, PM.

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