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Let the Revolution (Poetic) Begin!

THE NEW ROMANTICS  (Not Taylor Swift’s) By PoeticMeditations March to the drummer of a romantic beat, Follow in the footsteps of Byron, Shelley and Keats. In the fairer sex, take great delight, Stay up late writing poetry by candlelight. Live … Continue reading

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The Rarest of All Rare Delights

    THE RAREST OF ALL RARE DELIGHTS By PoeticMeditations Summertime picnics on lush, green lawns; Gray, quiet morning hours before the dawn. Barefoot in a bright April shower, Conversation to pass the idle hour. Afternoons spent in a used … Continue reading

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What’s This Gently Stirring in the Heart?

WHAT’S THIS GENTLY STIRRING IN THE HEART? By PoeticMeditations What’s this gently stirring in the heart? Long forgotten after all these years. From the beginning, a vital part; Traces left behind like fallen tears. The bright flame now a dying … Continue reading

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          A colleague gave me a jasmine blossom the other day. I taped it to my lapel, and through out the day, every time I happened to look down, I caught a whiff of its sweet, … Continue reading

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