For Beauty’s Sake and for Hers Alone

By PoeticMeditations

With this feathered pen in hand
I labor in the early morn
By the dim flame of candlelight
Outside my window, an owl forlorn.

The house is still and quiet – all is hushed
Save for the relentless ticking of the clock
As words coalesce upon the pages
Death appears and begins to mock.

“Why all this labor without chance of riches?
Obscurity awaits thee not Fortune’s Fame
Why waste thy life chasing words ephemeral?
Returns all to dust – forgotten be thy name.”

“O, Death. Begone with your scornful mocking
For each precious word on paper I intone
Not for any vulgar wealth or fickle fame
But for Beauty’s sake and for hers alone.”

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Beauty’s Spell

By PoeticMeditations

Come, kiss the crimson, satin petals
Breathe deep the heady, ambrosial scent
Caress the verdant, supple leaves
Gaze upon perfection’s eloquence.

Captivated by seductive charms
Intoxicated with form sublime
Freely flows the drop of scarlet blood
After the prick of thorn’s piercing tine.

Paradise transformed into a hell
Cruel tortures the heart must now endure
The costly price one must gladly pay
For falling under beauty’s spell.

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Science Vs Poetry

By PoeticMeditations

Science demystifies the mystery by showing us the reasons
While Poetry embraces the mystery and captures it in rhyme
Distills the essence of the beauty of the ever-cyclic seasons
Science explains the twining dance of motion with its partner time.

Einstein has proved how energy equals mass times the squared speed of light
Immense, destructive power found in such an innocent equation
Our genome has been decoded; humanity exposed in plain sight
Pandora’s Box thrown wide open – now perilous our situation.

Poetry ponders the inner workings of the noble human heart
Pursues elusive love and beauty, elevating both mind and soul
Sweetly sings of life’s great joys and sorrows; music to our lives impart
Heals the bitter, lacerating wounds of life to mend and make us whole.

Both Poetry and Science explore the realms of possibility
Seek eloquent simplicity in expressing universal truth
Search unceasingly for the rhyme and reason to this reality
Having both partaken from the Tree of Knowledge its forbidden fruit.

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State of Grace

By PoeticMeditations

A single moment of pure joy distilled
When all regret and guilt are washed away.
A heart at peace with no trace of ill will,
A tranquil spirit that all fears allay.

To stand before this world unashamed
Transcending all boundaries of time and space
With our spirits set free; our souls unchained
Bestow upon us all this state of grace.

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Each Day Begins So Full of Promise

By PoeticMeditations

Each day begins so full of promise
With all its endless possibilities.
Awaken with a sweet prince’s kiss,
The heart’s sail billowing with the breeze.

As the morning starts its hurried flight,
Soon entangled in the world’s affairs.
Once vivid dreams quickly fade from sight,
Drowned in a sea of worrisome cares.

At night, down we lay ourselves to sleep;
The darkened ceiling our only view
And pray that our hearts our dreams will keep
Until the coming day breaks anew.

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The New Bohemians

By PoeticMeditations

We are the New Bohemians, the artists and the poets
Seekers of truth and beauty in this vulgar world
Poverty and suffering are all we have to show for it
In relentless quest for that rare and priceless pearl.

Disdaining filthy lucre and scorning chasing after fame
Devoting our lives to the creation of beauty
Making art that inspires to live life on a higher plane
Sacrificing all to our artistic duty.

Night and day, after elusive beauty we labor and strive
Armed only with brush or pen, our weapons of choice
Seeking to add purpose and meaning for why we are alive
Bravely we fight and struggle to give truth a voice.


To all our fellow New Bohemians – keep the faith!

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Auld Lang Syne

By PoeticMeditations

Old acquaintances may have been forgotten
But our forgetting may be all for the best
The waning old the new has now begotten
As Father Time lays down to his final rest.

With dancing and music, we welcome in the new
Don gay apparel – with manic glee we shout
Pop open champagne hoping to drown our fear
That behind the new, death is lurking about.

When tolls the bell, couples embrace for a kiss
As we bid a fond farewell to all that’s past
But our ignorance may still indeed be bliss
Who knows if this newborn year will be our last?

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