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Science Vs Poetry

SCIENCE VS POETRY By PoeticMeditations Science demystifies the mystery by showing us the reasons While Poetry embraces the mystery and captures it in rhyme Distills the essence of the beauty of the ever-cyclic seasons Science explains the twining dance of … Continue reading

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“The Frogs and the Birds”

Just finished reading de Sautoy’s Music of the Primes (a fascinating,engrossing, historical account of the Riemann Hypothesis and the mathematicians and physicists involved in the pursuit of finding its solution.) Came across Freeman Dyson’s definition of two types of scientists … Continue reading

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ONENESS (Collatz Conjecture: 3n + 1) Divide by two if even Or half of the triple plus one Indefinitely. All roads lead to one, naturally – Mere conjecture yet to be disproved. (PoeticMeditations. All Rights Reserved.) This morning I read … Continue reading

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